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Overwhelmed and Confused about Medicare?

Mary Jeanne Cullen, owner of MedicareAssist, provides personalized one-on-one guidance in choosing medical and prescription plans that meet your budget and healthcare needs.

Need a Translator to Understand Your Options?

If Medicare sounds like a foreign language and you're struggling with a mountain of paperwork and emails, and if you're spending more time than you can afford trying to figure it out, MedicareAssist can simplify your life with a personal analysis.  When it's completed, you can recycle all those confusing and unnecessary insurance solicitiations!

The Bottom Line

The goal of MedicareAssist is to provide objective plan choices so you can make educated decisions regarding your benefits.  You're provided with a summary of your premiums, potential medical and prescription costs, monthly budgeting, and back up material - specific to you! 

Feel comfortable and confident in your choices and give yourself the gift of MedicareAssist. 

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